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Is this you? You are excited about joining a team that is on a visionary Digital transformation journey. You are motivated by the idea of giving customers simple and elegant solutions. You care deeply about delivering small value driven enhancements often. You have spent years using agile and lean practices to deliver world class software. You are a Kaizen creature who never stops thinking about how to improve yourself and your team. When hardware fails, your applications keep going because they are fault tolerant. When the company grows, your applications scale right alongside. Customers enjoy using your applications, because they are reactive and always perform well. You understand that building the 'right thing' is as important as building the 'thing right', and have leveraged test-driven techniques such as ATDD to achieve both. You believe that software quality is the responsibility of the whole team, regardless of job titles. You understand and embrace the philosophy of Continuous Delivery. You have no interest in throwing your work 'over the wall' to anybody. Instead, you passionately believe in an agile, DevOps-centric team that builds, tests, releases and operates its own applications. Microservices design patterns (Spring Boot/API gateways/Service Discovery an advantage. Full stack exposure / Single page applications (experience in Java/React essential ) Event-driven, CQRS messaging-based systems (experience in Axon an advantage. Messaging brokers (experience in RabbitMQ an advantage. Infrastructure-as-code (Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins2 an advantage. SQL data stores (Postgres an advantage. Test-driven development techniques (e.g. BDD and ATDD. Automated testing and mocking techniques (e.g. Serenity, Mockito, Cypress/Jest. Clean coding. Agile and Lean approache. This job originally appeared on

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