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Veterinary Inspector - Clare/Galway County Council


Clare County Council / Galway County Council




Opportunities exist within Clare County Council and Galway County Council for the position of Veterinary Inspector. This senior role in the Environmental section will be responsible for carrying out functions in relation to food protection and disease control. S/he will implement the terms and conditions of a Service Contract between the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and Clare County Council or Galway County Council in relation to the slaughter of food animals, and impose statutory controls on the production of meat, meat products and poultry. The Veterinary Inspector’s principal functions in relation to food safety relate to the approval and carrying out of official controls at small slaughtering premises and small meat manufacturing premises. Clare County Council and Galway County Council’s Veterinary Inspectors currently regulate a number of lowthroughput slaughterhouses and small meat manufacturing premises in their county. These plants are EU approved and slaughter and process locally sourced cattle, sheep, pigs and wild game for supply to butchers, wholesalers, caterers, retailers, and individuals for deep freeze purposes. The successful candidates will: • Hold a qualification in Veterinary Medicine that is eligible for registration with the Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI) prior to the closing date; • Be entered on the register of veterinary practitioners held by the VCI, prior to being offered a position.

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